STOP living the reactive life! It’s the WORST way to live each day.

Those never ending and life altering reactions to missed opportunities, poor choices, unlucky events, annoying people and outcomes you don’t like.

THAT’S WHAT ordinary people do. If you want to be ordinary–keep doing that.

If you want to be Leading Edge–start deliberately creating. That means no matter where you’re life is at you eliminate the struggle to find tip after tip to cope with your never-ending reactions and now dictate what you think, feel and do every day instead of being an unwilling slave to your habitual reactions.

WIRED TO WIN© is the LEADING EDGE PROGRAM giving you every advantage

Here’s what you already know:

  • If you could get out of your way you’d be happier

  • If you could relax more you’d enjoy your life more

  • If you could use the power of your mind better–your life would improve

  • If you could be more confident your life would change

  • If you could just trust yourself more–you’d get more

  • If you could be fearless–you’d go for your dreams more often

Here’s what I know:

  • You’re much closer to experiencing these than you think!

Life Coaches and others have the same goal for you–to help you be your best–what stands out about Wired to Win is HOW EASILY you get there!

It’s the approach that makes the difference. Everybody can talk about the importance of confidence, focus, resilience and all the key life traits but the The Laws of Human Potential  give you immediate access to them–and are only taught HERE.

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Dear David,

I listened to your interview with Deb Poneman about Wired to Win and I’ve been as skeptical as anyone I know because of all the hype out there! I’ve wasted a lot of money an my hopes dashed but something  you said struck me and I bought it. Wow. you were right! I can’t believe how much better I feel and how “awake” I’ve become. Thank you David. Is there a way to work with you and soar even higher? 

                                             Melissa Pankin

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Family Trustee, Trust Administrator, Fiduciary, Coach, Counselor, Educator, Speaker

“David provides a compelling message in an engaging and entertaining manner. In the seminar I attended, David was well prepared and professional as well. His message changed my life”

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THE SOLUTIONWired to Win© -the groundbreaking approach offers you:

  1. Proven Platform that shifts behavior in days instead of weeks or months.***”The Secret Sauce” you only get here

  2.  Self- Correct Feature–a reliable path to put you on track in any situation and at any time no matter what!  YOU OWN IT

  3.  Simplicity–You are surprised how easily LIFE changes and how you got there

THE APPROACH–WHY  Wired to Win Works

  • NO philosophies, strategies, tips, opinions, concepts or theories to remember and weigh you down

  • The Laws Automatically align your mind, body, emotions and energy

  • SELF-CORRECT FEATURE–The Power is back in your control

Are you ready to breakthrough? Then prepare to change everything!


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“I originally signed up for the personal coaching for myself but your approach helped me get excited about my business again. In fact, I found  it so helpful that I had my six managers go through Wired to Win.  The results were immediate. They were more patient and positive with less stress and it filtered down through the whole company”

Tim Rahe   M R Paving and Excavating

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Every DAY You:

  • Expand Awareness to make better choices

  • Excel under any conditions

  • Relax–a new sense of calm

  • Know what to focus on and why–everywhere in your life

  • Unshakable Confidence–regardless of conditions or results

  • A reliable path to be your best anywhere/anytime–insights you can count on to see changes whenever you choose


Here’s What You’ll Learn:

This session sets the stage to see yourself in a brighter light by helping you wake up in a way you never thought possible.

 We begin by building a solid foundation proving how much personal power you really have–and AREN’T using, The old axiom is true–what you are not aware of–you can’t change, This session raises your awareness so high that several key parts of your life begin to change in ways you never thought possible–such as:

Life Benefits:

  1. Huge leaps in Awareness of your power to make new choices

  2. A new level of Clarity 

  3. A new feeling of Confidence 

  4. Improved Choice Making in all situations

  5. A general sense of calm and power

NOTE: Includes a pdf STUDY GUIDE

This session completely shifts your view on how Energy produces power and rhythm into your life. It guides you to be keenly aware of it, how it’s blocking your power now and how to use it to not only align your mind and emotions for greater positive energy but to also generate more power and consistency in your life.

Life Benefits:

  1. Raise positive Energy because now you take control of it

  2. Improve rhythm 

  3. Eliminate poor focus on things like, what others think, comparisons and anything that causes you to feel negative

  4. Reduce mind/body/emotional tension so you feel more powerful

  5. Quickly recover from old patterns that caused negativity like anger,frustration, negative memories

  6. Strengthen a sense of calm 

NOTE: Includes a pdf STUDY GUIDE

While everyone else tells you “JUST BE POSITIVE” you’re going to learn something far more powerful because this session reveals the true power of your mind and HOW it really works! You will understand this power in a different way and will know WHAT to focus on and WHY in every situation. You can rely on its benefit ANYTIME. Being positive is a natural by-product. This is a life changer!

Life Benefits:

  1. Advanced ability to focus on what sets you up to succeed EVERYWHERE you are

  2. Quickly move from old negative thinking to a new sense of confidence

  3. Unshakable Confidence because you ALWAYS know what to focus on and WHY at home, socially, at work or at play

  4. Move through adversity faster than ever before–quickly/effectivelyYou no longer focus on things that weaken you (like worrying about results, others, the past or comparisons,) and ONLY on what strengthens you

NOTE: Includes a pdf STUDY GUIDE

Are you allowing your desires to come? Most are not but are not aware they are blocking! This session helps you see where you stand. Receiving or Blocking?

Life Benefits:

  1. Live more in a state of allowance

  2. Mind is quiet and you trust ,ore

  3. Emotions are calm and steady

  4. Body is open and relaxed

  5. Resistance melts away

  6. Confidence is automatic because your min/body/emotions are in sync

NOTE: Includes a pdf STUDY GUIDE

Now that you have strong base of insight and personal experience you go even deeper. Stop struggling to rid yourself of negative emotions and poor self-talk. This session shows you that these negative conditions are so much simpler to move past than you can imagine and doesn’t require multiple strategies or tips or over trying–to succeed. This session reveals a life changing process that erases negativity easily and quickly so you can get back to what feels best.,

Life Benefits:

  1. Easily turn adversity into triumph because this law causes more mental/emotional flexibility

  2. You see things differently than you ever have–your old negative reactions disappear

  3. Break habitual negative reactions like anger, frustration, poor self-talk, poor body language

  4. Blow past Self-doubt 

  5. Turn Fear into excellence when under pressure 

  6. A return to in-the-moment focus so easily you’ll forget how you used to sabotage yourself

NOTE: Includes a pdf STUDY GUIDE

Everyone tells themselves a “story”. Unfortunately, most are filled with negative memories or habits from the past–that you call “facts”–and are NOT! This session easily guides you away from your old–worn out–limited version of yourself and opens the door to more welcomed new possibilities and a brighter/broader vision–you can BELIEVE.

Life Benefits:

  1. Quickly dismiss negative thoughts/emotions/ habits

  2. Bring a new/believable positivity into your day

  3. Feel enthusiastic and inspired because you’re new thoughts and feelings produce better results

  4. A complete change in the way you look at yourself 

NOTE: Includes a pdf STUDY GUIDE

You’re really flying now so we reinforce it even more. Stop visualizing and start imagining. This session shows you how to stop struggling to “visualize” as so many do. You will learn why IMAGINATION is far easier and and much more powerful in how much more you can do and be in life. Your life explodes with new possibilities!

Life Benefits:

  1. Laser sharp vision to improve areas important to you

  2. Improve consistency in action

  3. See who you CAN BE because a clear image brings calm to the mind/body/emotions

  4. Building clarity and confidence AUTOMATICALLY

NOTE: Includes a pdf STUDY GUIDE

This session starts you taking your momentum and gaining traction each and every day. Each day holds opportunities to reinforce you new level of consciousness by setting new rituals.

Life Benefits:

  • Create new rituals to set each day for success

  • Build traction of new thoughts and feelings and actions each day

  • Gain the power of momentum for consistent success

  • See your new vision coming into focus

NOTE: Includes a pdf STUDY GUIDE

Now what? This is what everyone wants: change to STICK! This session helps you take all you’ve done and create longer lasting improvements in your life beyond your new rituals so you take control and don’t allow circumstances to “run the show”. This session helps you ensure success even more with some extra tools!

Life Benefits:

  • Repeat the habits of success for greater consistency easily

  • Tools to ensure success over time and in every phase of your life

  • Blow past any obstacle to live UP to your potential whenever you need to

NOTE: Includes a pdf STUDY GUIDE


Wired to Win is the perfect complement to any coach or style you love. Why? Because it supports you in a way nothing else will. It focuses on YOU so whatever you learn with your coach produces better results because YOU ARE DIFFERENT! AND…helps you become a better student! There is nothing that goes against what you’re learning now and chances are you’re NOT GETTING IT LIKE THIS!


Most of my clients are busy. They love the fact that Wired to Win doesn’t take any extra time to do. You apply it everywhere you go–no extra study or practice time needed. There is no substitute for “in the moment” learning.

Remember–the Laws function the same for everyone! Age is a non-factor.

Surprised How Fast Changes Occur

I know you can’t devote hours and hours to this and you don’t have to.. What you do have time for, is applying the simple “exercise” everywhere you go, You just need to know what to do and I show you in each session so the power is back in your hands.

You may not have ever thought that you were so close to feeling better but you are.

You can apply these insights and get the benefits wherever you are HOME, CAR, SOCIALIZING, PLAYING SPORTS, AT WORK, etc.! You’re working on a few simple things that put your mind, emotions and body in sync so you’ve already done it!

My intent is simple: I want you to get it FAST and EASY so you can repeat it.

What’s Included

    • 9 Full Length Audios (receive 1 every 3 days in your inbox)

    • 9 Study Guides

    • 24/7/365 access–review as often as you like

    • Go at your own pace

    • Easy to apply insights/tools that separate Wired to Win from the “business as usual” boring approaches

    • Immediate impact–beginning on Day 1


LIMITED Time Offer:

Now – Are you willing to trade the price of  2 or 3 meals out  to be live more fully?

What would you pay for a program that puts all your hard work and the money you invest on coaches, workshops and books–together to live more fully?

Would You Pay: $249, $197?  well not today!  Just $147 (regular price: $197) to get your life moving AND Get Your 2 Free LIVE Sessions!