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The Sports Psychologists laughed when I told them I had a faster-more reliable path to better tennis that required:

NO psychology

NO quick-fix tips (but very quick results)

NO theories to untangle

NO learning-curve

I told them most tennis players play reactive tennis!

They said “So?”

Reactive tennis–leaves you powerless because you waste time/energy reacting to too many things (missed passing shots, double faults, bad bounces, bad line calls, annoying opponents) AND your inner obstacles (fear, doubt, low confidence, etc.) INSTEAD OF PLAYING TENNIS!!!


THAT’S WHAT most tennis players do and you only do it because nobody showed you HOW NOT TO.


Here’s what you know:

  • If you could get out of your way you’d play better tennis

  • If you could bring your practice performance into match play–you’d be match tough

Here’s what I know:

  • You’re much closer to being that player than you think!

MATCH TOUGH allows you to:

  • Elevate your competitive play

  • Stop reacting and START PLAYING TENNIS!

  • Hit great shots under pressure

  • Feel confident in all situations

  • Recover from poor play more quickly

  • Stay focused longer

  • Prepare for every point to be your best

  • Put the power to trigger your best back in your hands

Coaches and sports psychologists have the same goal for you–to help you be your best–what separates Wired to Win© from others is HOW EASILY you get there!

It’s easy to talk about confidence, focus, resilience, etc. but The  Laws of Tennis Performance allow you to DEMONSTRATE them easily and reliably!

They are only taught here.

“I would like to express my confidence in Mr. Breslow based on the work he has done at the USTA National Tennis Center. His abilities blend well with the juniors as well as the adults….I have received nothing but praise from parents, pros and players…his attributes of sincerity, communication and ability to bridge theory into usable practice…is a positive and active force in the tennis playing community and would enhance the ETA, USTA and the game of tennis!”
Jana Hunsaker
Director of Tennis/USTA/NTC

THE SOLUTIONWired to Win©  Match Tough:

  1. Proven Platform that shifts performance/behavior in days instead of weeks or months.***”The Secret Sauce” you only get here
  2.  Self- Correct Feature–a reliable path to put your game on track in any situation and at any time no matter what!  YOU OWN IT
  3.  Simplicity–You are surprised how easily your game changes and how you got there

“David, I’ve been as skeptical as anyone I know because of all the hype out there! I’ve tried many different ways to improve my game but Wired to Win/Match Tough is the real deal. It is clear, direct and surprisingly easy to apply.  Thank you for putting something out there the tennis world really needs! ”  Terry Tasks

NO  philosophies, strategies, tips, opinions, concepts or theories to remember

  • The Laws Automatically align your mind, body, emotions and energy
  • SELF-CORRECT FEATURE–The Power is back in your control


Are you ready to breakthrough? Then prepare to change everything!


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“I’ve invited David to speak at both my Chicago and Detroit Tennis Workshops. His presentation takes the subject of the “mental game” in tennis far beyond the usual and repetitive! He had over 200 high school coaches excited and interested as he offered his unique on-court drills and insights into his “Wired to Win” program. I heartily recommend that you check it out for yourself,. .Your view of the mental game will never be the same.”

Gary Bodenmiller
President/ Tennis Workshops

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Here’s What You’ll Learn In Wired to Win: Match Tough  

This session sets the stage to see yourself and your game in a brighter light by helping you wake up in a way you never thought possible. We begin by building a solid foundation of the Wired to Win insights proving how much personal power you really have. The old axiom is true–what you are not aware of–you can’t change, This session raises your awareness so high that several key parts of your game begin to change in ways you never thought possible–as a by-product such as:

Performance Benefits:

  1. Huge leaps in Awareness of your power to make best choices during play
  2. A new Clarity over every shot
  3. Confidence in every aspect of your game
  4. Improved Choice Making in shot selection in all situations
  5. A general sense of calm power

NOTE: Includes a pdf STUDY GUIDE

This session completely shifts your view on how Energy produces power and rhythm into your game. It guides you to be keenly aware of it, how it’s blocking your power in your strokes now and how to release it to not only align your mind and emotions for greater positive energy but to also generate more power and consistency in point play.

Performance Benefits:

  1. Raise positive Energy
  2. Improve swing rhythm for entire match
  3. Reduce stress/tension to trigger power and stroke production
  4. Quickly recover from negativity
  5. Improve calm on every swing

NOTE: Includes a pdf STUDY GUIDE

While everyone else tells you “be positive” you’re going to learn something far more powerful because this session reveals the true power of your mind and HOW it really produces results. No theory. No fluff. Just the incredible truth few others realize. You will understand this power in a different way and will know WHAT to focus on and WHY in every situation on the court. You can rely on its benefit ANYTIME. Being positive is a natural by-product. This is a game changer!

Performance Benefits:

  1. Advanced ability to focus
  2. Clarity on shot selection
  3. Helps take practice into match play
  4. Unshakable Confidence everywhere on the court
  5. Move through adversity quickly/effectively
  6. Learn WHAT to focus on and WHY in EVERY situation

NOTE: Includes a pdf STUDY GUIDE

What are you really doing in between points and in your practices? This session reveals a perfect in between point process that gets you ready to succeed in a way you’ll find fun and easy to do. You also learn what practice really is so you can begin to get the most out of it!

Performance Benefits:

  1. Optimizes you mentally, emotionally, physically before EVERY point
  2. Greater clarity on shot selection
  3. Improved focus and relaxation
  4. Skyrockets Confidence
  5. Produces Full commitment BEFORE every point

NOTE: Includes a pdf STUDY GUIDE

Now that you have strong base of insight and personal experience you go even deeper. Stop struggling to rid yourself of negative emotions and poor self-talk the traditional way. This session shows you that these negative conditions are so much simpler to move past than you can imagine and doesn’t require multiple strategies or tips or over trying–to succeed. This session reveals a game changing process that erases negativity easily and quickly so you can get back to playing better tennis,

Performance Benefits:

  1. Easily turn adversity into triumph
  2. Blow past Self-doubt in any situation on the court
  3. Turn Fear into an Opportunity to excel
  4. A return to in-the-moment focus

NOTE: Includes a pdf STUDY GUIDE

Every tennis player tells themselves a “story”. Unfortunately, most stories are filled with negative memories or habits from the past–that you call “facts”. This session easily guides you away from your old–worn out–limited version of yourself as a tennis player and opens the door to more welcomed new possibilities and a brighter/broader vision–you can BELIEVE.

Performance Benefits:

  1. Move away from negative thoughts/emotions/ habits
  2. Bring a new/believable positivity into your match or practices
  3. Feel enthusiastic and inspired
  4. Change the way you look at yourself and the game

NOTE: Includes a pdf STUDY GUIDE

You’re really flying now so we reinforce it even more. Stop visualizing and start imagining. This session shows you how to stop struggling to “visualize” as so many tennis players try to do. You will learn why IMAGINATION is far easier and and much more powerful in changing how much more you can do and be on the court. Your game explodes with new possibilities!

Performance Benefits:

  1. Laser sharp decision making
  2. Improve stroke consistency
  3. Sink more putts with a calm mind
  4. Serve and hit passing shots with more accuracy

NOTE: Includes a pdf STUDY GUIDE

Now what? This is what all tennis players want: changes to STICK! This session helps you take all you’ve done and create longer lasting improvements in your game so you take control and don’t allow circumstances to “run the show” any more. This session helps you ensure success by building momentum even more!

Performance Benefits:

  1. Repeat the habits of success for greater consistency
  2. Tools to ensure success over time and in every phase of the game
  3. Blow past any obstacle to play UP to your potential

NOTE: Includes a pdf STUDY GUIDE

This session addresses some specific in game strategies by offering you some of the same drills I use in workshops and tactics I used to teach my students. You get to apply everything you’ve become!


  • On court strategies
  • Relaxation
  • Consistency
  • Recover and Reset Quickly

NOTE: PDF Study Guide Included


GREAT! MATCH TOUGH doesn’t take any extra time to “do”. You do live it everywhere you go–no extra study or practice time needed. There is no substitute for “in the moment” learning

“But I Already Have a Coach…”

GREAT AGAIN!  MATCH TOUGH is the perfect complement to any teacher or style you love. Why? Because it supports your game in a way nothing else will. It focuses on YOU AND puts you in position to excel,

BONUS!!! You will see an impact OFF the court as well.


  • 9 Full Length Audios (receive 1 every 3 days in your inbox)

  • 9 Study Guides:


  • 1. 50 Ways To Take Action Now!–E-Book

    2. As A Man Thinketh-a James Allen classic before its time. His insights match up perfectly with the 7 Laws and are an inspiring reminder!

    3. The Power of Concentration–99 pages of a fantastic E-Book  that relates beautifully to the 7 Laws

    4. Video Training–A cool session that shows you how to have REAL CONFIDENCE NOW

    5.  Audio“A Heroes Journey“–A fabulous true story with incredible lessons you can apply immediately!

  • 24/7/365 access–review as often as you like

  • Go at your own pace

  • Easy to apply–what separates Wired to Win from the “business as usual” boring approaches

  • Immediate impact–beginning on Day 1

  • 90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

***Not to be used in combination with or to replace any previous purchase

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