Money—The Lies, The Laws and The Leap to Having More


Are you ready for a breakthrough? 

  • Tired of saying “Can’t afford it”?

  • Frustrated because money ALWAYS seems to be an issue?

  • Confused as to why you don’t get the money you deserve?



This 3-Part Audio Workshop helps you distance yourself from these traps to show you how little green pieces of paper have been controlling your life…AND HOW TO TURN THAT AROUND!

 In this inspirational and practical program you will learn:

  • The #1 reason you don’t have money (it will shock you)–and what to do about it

  • To move past the LIES and limitations that have controlled you for years

  • How to increase the ease and flow of more money in your life 

You are in control of your “money life” more than you realize


You have a right to MONEY–just like ANYONE ELSE ON THE PLANET!

The laws insights and secrets you learn have always been working–YOU JUST DIDN’T KNOW HOW TO USE THEM IN YOUR FAVOR!

This 3-part MP3 Audio Program helps you shift your relationship to MONEY, open your eyes to the truth and help you see new and exciting opportunities to see yourself and money in a new light–and do it FAST!


  • Money Worries melting away
  • You can say YES when you see something you want
  • You pay your bills with a smile on your face

Don’t put it off any longer…stop being controlled by the LIES and limits ever again!

Oh, and by the way…I want to give you 3 gifts that all relate to you having more money in your life and to say THANK YOU!


  1. E-Book–As A Man Thinketh–James Allen’s timeless classic that shows you how powerful you really are–way ahead of its time!

  1. E-Book, The Power of Concentration–this 90 page e-book is filled with amazing ideas to help you improve your focus. This affects your “Money Life” too!

  1. A Hero’s Journey Audio. This is a 20 minute recording of a moving story is filled with lessons that can change your life. Do you think this can impact your “Money Life”? Of course it does!

There’s plenty of abundance out there–want yours?

Money—The Lies, The Laws and The Leap to Having More