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My Audio Program, The Forward Bounce, can Help You Become The Winner You Know You Are – And All You Have To Do Is Listen!

 The secret of all successful people (and one they don’t usually talk about) is that they don’t just bounce back … they bounce forward!

The Forward Bounce is filled with step by step instruction aimed at helping you to not only overcome tough times – but to actually turn every pitfall, brick wall, and sudden adversity into an amazing, full-fledged, golden opportunity.


We’ve all seen many stories about people who have overcome incredible challenges …

  • Lance Armstrong was diagnosed with cancer – and went on to win three more Tour De France competitions.

  • Sylvester Stallone’s seven long years of rejection and ‘struggling actor’ syndrome – until his script for Rocky was finally produced and went on to win the Oscar.

  • Oprah Winfrey’s early life of institutional racism and abject poverty – turned into planet-wide popularity and one of the largest personal fortunes in the world.

  • And remember Susan Boyle’s tremendous success, at age 47 – after years of sacrifice and small town anonymity.

These are all compelling reminders of the depth and resourcefulness of the human spirit.

These super successful people do something that I call The Forward Bounce – which is the ability they develop to not just bounce back from adversity – but to leap forward … stronger and more inspired than ever.

Get into the right mindset and you can bounce forward to amazing results – like Oprah, Lance, or Stallone.

Now You Can Learn These Skills Yourself … By Simply Listening

 The Forward Bounce is

75 minutes of inspiration, motivation and education 

9 tracks for easy customized listening 

The 7 Key Traits of Effective People, that you’ll be mastering, are ideal for athletes (amateur/pro), business people, parents, educators and professionals in every field.

These methods can help you improve finances, build relationships, enhance creativity, and supercharge personal performance – because adversity, change, and daily challenges are an unavoidable part of life … and you need the tools to get past them.

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