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I don’t tell you what to do!–I show you how much real power you have–to use as you choose!

“Enlist only those (including yourself) who are primarily interested in what you see or hear in your imagination about your life.”    Wayne Dyer

This is why Wired to Win Works!

  • 9 Content Rich Audios (listen on any device)

  • 9 Study Guides

  • Changes Lives

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What if I told you there IS an easier way to tap your potential that’s repeatable for AS LONG AS YOU CHOOSE?


Traditional–loads you with  tips. psychological rhetoric and theories

Wired to Winteaches 7 Laws of Human Potential

Traditional–chases and treats symptoms

W2Wempowers you from day 1

Traditional—goal: help you manage and COPE

W2W goal-no more coping-you deliberately create–from day 1

Traditional-slow to see results–lot of processing

W2W—new behaviors in days–not weeks! No learning curve

Traditional—lot to remember and apply.

W2W--easy access to alignment anytime

Traditional—needs your buy-in/agreement/belief to “work”

W2W—belief/buy-in/agreement not required for you to benefit


Fear paralyze you?

Stress tire you?

Indecision stop you?

Negativity hold you back?

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“I originally signed up for the personal coaching for myself but your approach helped me get excited about my business again. In fact, I found  it so helpful that I had my six managers go through Wired to Win.  The results were immediate. They were more patient and positive with less stress and it filtered down through the whole company”

Tim Rahe   M R Paving and Excavating

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Want to know why you’ve been frustrated? I’ll tell you right now….

Wired to Win© is A Pathway to:

  • Reduce stress

  • Blow past fear

  • Shake off doubt

  • Put the power to direct your life back in your hands

  • Feel energized again

  • Kick procrastination

If you’re fed up with

  • Slow progress of other approaches

  • Collecting a boatload of tips to get sporadic results

  • Falling into the trap of long learning curves, false hype and promises

The Laws are not my theory–They are SCIENCE.

The Laws are:

  • Precise-in how they function

  • Predictable–in the results they produce for you

  • Undeniable–in their existence

  • Provable-so you don’t have to take my word for anything!

    Are you ready to breakthrough?

If so, read on.

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Dear David,

I listened to your interview with Deb Poneman about Wired to Win and I’ve been as skeptical as anyone I know because of all the hype out there! I’ve wasted a lot of money an my hopes dashed but something  you said struck me and I bought it. Wow. you were right! I can’t believe how much better I feel and how “awake” I’ve become. Thank you David. Is there a way to work with you and soar even higher? 

                                             Melissa Pankin

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Family Trustee, Trust Administrator, Fiduciary, Coach, Counselor, Educator, Speaker

“David provides a compelling message in an engaging and entertaining manner. In the seminar I attended, David was well prepared and professional as well. His message changed my life”

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Here’s What You’ll Learn with Wired to Win:

This session wakes up in a way you never thought possible. You learn the simple truths Wired to Win is built on  and discover how much more AWAKE you can be!

Performance Benefits:

  1. Big confidence shift

  2. New choices you never made before

  3. Improved Choice Making in all situations

  4. A new sense of personal power

NOTE: Includes a pdf STUDY GUIDE

This session completely shifts your view about the power of Energy and your life. This exciting new experience:


  1. Raise your positive Energy 

  2. Improves positive emotions

  3. Eliminates poor focus on things like, what others think, comparisons to others and anything that causes you to feel negative

NOTE: Includes a pdf STUDY GUIDE

While everyone else tells you “JUST BE POSITIVE” you’re going to learn something far more powerful. The true power of your mind and HOW it really works! You will know WHAT to focus on and WHY. Being positive is a natural by-product. This is a game changer!


  1. Advanced ability to focus on what sets you up to succeed EVERYWHERE 

  2. Quickly move from old negative thinking to a new sense of confidence

  3. You know EXACTLY how to tap into your best self

    NOTE: Includes a pdf STUDY GUIDE

Are you allowing your desires to come? Most are not but are not aware they are blocking! This session helps you see where you stand. Receiving or Blocking?


  1. Live more in a state of allowance

  2. Mind is quiet and you trust ,ore

  3. Emotions are calm and steady

  4. Body is open and relaxed

NOTE: Includes a pdf STUDY GUIDE

Now that you have strong base and personal experience you go deeper. Stop struggling to rid yourself of negative emotions and poor self-talk. This session shows you that these negative conditions are so much simpler to move past than you can imagine and doesn’t require multiple strategies or tips or over trying–to succeed. This session reveals a life changing process that erases negativity easily and quickly so you can get back to what feels best.,


  1. Easily turn adversity into triumph because this law causes more mental/emotional flexibility

  2. Break habitual negative reactions like anger, frustration, poor self-talk, poor body language

  3. Blow past Self-doubt 

NOTE: Includes a pdf STUDY GUIDE

Everyone tells themselves a “story”. Unfortunately, most are filled with negative memories or habits from the past–that you call “facts”–and are NOT! This session easily guides you away from your old–worn out–limited version of yourself and opens the door to more welcomed new possibilities and a brighter/broader vision–you can BELIEVE.


  1. Quickly dismiss negative thoughts/emotions/ habits

  2. Bring a new/believable positivity into your day

  3. Feel enthusiastic and inspired because you’re new thoughts and feelings produce better results 

NOTE: Includes a pdf STUDY GUIDE

You’re really flying now so we reinforce it even more. Stop visualizing and start imagining. This session shows you how to stop struggling to “visualize” as so many do. You will learn why IMAGINATION is far easier and and much more powerful in how much more you can do and be in life. Your life explodes with new possibilities!


  1. Laser sharp vision to improve areas important to you

  2. Improve consistency in action

  3. See who you CAN BE because a clear image brings calm to the mind/body/emotions

NOTE: Includes a pdf STUDY GUIDE

This session starts you taking your momentum and gaining traction each and every day. Each day holds opportunities to reinforce you new level of consciousness by setting new rituals.


  • Create new rituals to set each day for success

  • Build traction of new thoughts and feelings and actions each day

  • Gain the power of momentum for consistent success

NOTE: Includes a pdf STUDY GUIDE

Now what? This is what everyone wants: change to STICK! This session helps you take all you’ve done and create longer lasting improvements in your life beyond your new rituals so you take control and don’t allow circumstances to “run the show”. This session helps you ensure success even more with some extra tools!


  • Repeat the habits of success for greater consistency easily

  • Tools to ensure success over time and in every phase of your life

  • Blow past any obstacle to live UP to your potential whenever you need to

NOTE: Includes a pdf STUDY GUIDE


Wired to Win© is the perfect complement to any coach or style you love because it supports you in a way nothing else will. 


Most of my clients are busy. They love the fact that Wired to Win© doesn’t take any extra time to do. You apply it everywhere you go–no extra study or practice time needed. 

Be Surprised How Fast Changes Occur

I know you can’t devote hours and hours to this and you don’t have to.. What you do have time for, is applying the simple “exercise” everywhere you go, You just need to know what to do and I show you in each session so the power is back in your hands.

You can apply these insights and get the benefits wherever you are HOME, CAR, SOCIALIZING, PLAYING SPORTS, AT WORK, etc.! 


    • 9 Full Length Audios (receive 1 every 3 days in your inbox)

    • 9 Study Guides

    • 24/7/365 access–review as often as you like

    • Go at your own pace

    • Easy to apply insights/tools

    • Immediate impact–beginning on Day 1

    • No travel expense. Enjoy in comfortable surroundings

TODAY–free coaching and $100 SAVINGS!